Day 20 Coole to Corbiel – 20th June

I must admit the night on the inflated mattress was not my best – being so close to the floor. So I was glad to rise for breakfast at the agreed time of 7.30. Monique had arranged with the Mayor of Corbiel for Tineke and me to stay in the old school room, a wonderful facility provided by the goodwill of the residents of Corbiel for pilgrims walking to Rome.

So no rush to leave the hospitality of Monique and Jean-Pierre which continued as we all enjoyed a convivial breakfast together.

We each had a group photo taken by Monique’s daughter.

Tineke had already left when I started the walk along the Roman road to Corbiel. It was already warm and would get much hotter as the day progressed.

It was really just a straight 20 kilometre walk with one little confusing kink in the middle – two bends and five paths to choose from – I think we both chose the wrong path before finding the correct path.

By midday the sun was baking hot and in desperate need of shade and rest I came upon a grain store where I found shelter from the heat of the day. After moving on I started to use my trekking umbrella for the first time to provide shade as I walked- it was a great help.

I had overtaken Tineke so was the first to arrive at the Marie and attached school room. Everywhere was open with a welcome sign on the school room door. There was coffee and tea and rice cakes and two camp beds and a note from Mr Mirofle to say that he would call by later.

It was perfectly cool in the school room – an oasis in the middle of the Roman road. No shower – but a cold water wash on a hot day was refreshing. Ì caught up with my laundry which was totally dry within a few hours.

Tineke arrived and shortly after, Mr Mirofle called by with a very warming welcome and asked what time we would like to eat and would we like beer or wine.

At 7.00 pm he came with a basket of food for dinner and breakfast. So Tineke  and I enjoyed a very convivial supper – she spoke very good English as most Dutch people do

Repleat and after visiting the church which was open, we retired to our camp beds having agreed a time for rising in the morning.

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