Day 37 Pontarlier to Ste-Croix – 7th July

Distance: 18.9 km – Elevation +590 m -330 m

Weather: Sunny. Temperature: High 29 degrees

The hostel was clean and comfortable and I slept well. I woke to realise that today would be my last day in France – a 700 kilometre journey that I started 35 days ago and one that has taken me through diverse regions with many memorable moments.I will miss the French people with their many kindnesses and hospitality.

There were two possible routes we could take to cross the border into Switzerland, the more usual route to Jougne or the alternative to L’Auberson/Sainte Croix which we decided to take.

We left early, it was just after 7.00 am as we crossed the river Doubs on the outskirts of the town. It wasn’t long before we began the climb that would take us across the Jura. At times the views of the valley below were spectacular. For a short distance, the route follows the Route of Absinthe. It was a beautiful day as we continued to climb to reach the point where we had a wonderful view of the Castle of Joux and the Larmont fort which guard this strategic site.

Walking on through woods and pastures, we continued to gain altitude through the wild landscapes of Haut-Doubs to the village of Les Fourgs, before reaching the border at the unmanned Douane L’Auberson, where we crossed, just before 2.00 pm, from France into Switzerland.

We continued into L’Auberson and found accommodation in the Center Chrétien La Grange – a hostel or guest house.

Doubs River Pontarlier


Climb out of Pontarlier


The Jura


The Jura

Douane L’Auberson




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