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It seems a long time ago now, since I first decided to walk the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. It was in July last year, after my return from the completion of my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, the decision was made and preparations commenced. The weather here on Exmoor has not been good for winter and early spring which restricted my preparation walks, but I feel fit and ready to go. I have
The “Wonder of Memory” One of my preparation walks is a 30 kilometre (20 mile) circular walk that takes me from my home in Brushford via the Haddeo Valley to Wimbleball Lake, where I complete a full circuit of the lake before returning to Brushford back along the Haddeo Valley. Wimbleball  is a water supply reservoir constructed in the 1970s and completed in 1979. Its supply comes from the river Haddeo and the lake now provides
  Last Sunday 20th May was Pentecost, it was also the third Sunday in May which is the traditional day on which the Rogation walk takes place at Withiel Florey. This was my first Rogation walk and also my first visit to the church of St Mary Magdelane which has its origins in the 11th century. It was a beautiful day for walking and you will see from the service and hymn sheets below how
I left home this morning catching the 10.10 from Tiverton to Paddington. The train was 7 minutes late and was full. Fortunately I had reserved a seat, but when I found my way to its location it was occupied; I challenged the man who had taken the seat  and asked politely that he vacate the seat. He replied  ” Sorry my mistake would it be okay if I stay here and you take my reserved
Distance: 12.3 km – Elevation +120 m – 90 m Weather: Sunny. Temperature: High 20 degrees I rose early for breakfast and was surprised to find a large group already in the breakfast room. I said “good morning”, and a chorus of voices replied “good morning” and whilst waiting for my breakfast a conversation began, “Why are you here in Canterbury” I enquired, “I am here to receive a blessing before starting a pilgrimage to Rome”

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