Day 40 Romainmotier to Lausanne – 10th July

Distance: 30.6 km – Elevation +270 m -580 m

Weather: Sunny. Temperature: High 26 degrees

Champbaillard House was an enjoyable stay and after ensuring that we left the property in the same condition that we found it we started out early at 6.00 am knowing that we had a long day ahead to reach Lausanne. It was another fine day and we again walked past fields of sunflowers, passing through the villages of Croy and Pompaples before reaching the midpoint of the day’s walk in the village of Daillens.

We continued on, to reach the outskirts of Lausanne and it was at that point where we lost our way several times in our attempts at reaching our beds for the night in the Jeunotel. Consequently, it had become a long tiring day when we did arrive, not helped by a dispute over our booked price, the receptionist wanted to charge considerably more than the price we had agreed when booking and it took a good 30 minutes to resolve the situation in our favour. After refreshing ourselves we relaxed and on a beautiful evening, we took a stroll along the shore of Lake Geneva where we found a small restaurant and enjoyed a light meal before retiring for the night. 

Lavoir Croy

Near Éclépens

Near Daillens


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