Day 38 Ste-Croix to Yverdon les-Bains – 8th July

Distance: 18.2 km – Elevation +130 m -790 m

Weather: Sunny. Temperature: High 27 degrees

It was a bright and warm sunny morning as we left the hostel at 7.00 am. The hostel was self-catering so we were reliant on what supplies were available from the single shop in the village – thus supper last night and breakfast this morning was less than normal. We lost our way a couple of times on our way to Sainte Le Croix where we passed by the Museum of Arts and Sciences before finding the route again.

After asking local runners we were directed to a small country lane where our descent to Vuiteboeuf began and what a descent it was!. Close to 5 kilometres of continuing steep downward paths dropping by close to 500 metres through the Gorges de Covatannaz which is part of a natural forest reserve created in 2013. The woodland path through the gorge was spectacular with steep slopes and rocky escarpments with a range of groves consisting of ash, oak, pine, and beech.

I found the descent very wearing on my legs which at times seemed to lose all strength and became rubber-like – I had to rest several times on the way down eventually arriving in Vuiteboeuf just after 10.00 am. We found a local hotel where we were able to enjoy a much-needed late breakfast.

We again lost our way and had to seek advice from locals before picking up the way again along the Route de Vuiteboeuf to Orges and from there we found our way to our intended destination of Yverdon Les-Bains. It was a pleasant walk passing large fields of golden sunflowers in full bloom.

Around 2.00 pm we arrived at our pre-arranged accommodation, Gite Du Passant, a guest house/hostel providing bed and breakfast facilities for both individuals and groups. It is located just 100 metres from the shore of the Neuchatel lake, which is the largest lake completely within Switzerland. I was really tired on arrival and decided to take an afternoon nap and slept until 5.00 pm. Jean-Pierre had in the meantime gone to find food and returned with two large pizzas which we eagerly devoured. Later we took a stroll along the lakeshore before retiring for an early night.

Centre Chrétien La Grange, Auberson

Leaving Ste Croix

Musee des Arts et Sciences. Sainte-Croix

Gites du Passant, Yverdon Les-Bains

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